Reversing the Flow

07 Dec

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News Flash – Visual Effects companies the world-over are actively embroiled in a neck and neck battle vying for precious VFX project dollars in every market.  Feature film, television, commercial, corporate, web; media production worldwide is looking to produce more for less. It’s no surprise that it all comes down to money, which is mostly labor cost.

The drive to save dollars has led production to become an international business, with foreign incentives diluting Hollywood’s production might and the larger US industry as a whole with aggressive tax incentives, labor rebates and disproportionate hiring rates all coming into play.  As a result, it’s no wonder that even Hollywood’s own name brands are eager to move beyond America’s borders looking for the next new filmmaking workforce.  Especially hard hit are the animation and visual effects industries with their labor intensive technical processes.  Its gone so far that US studios and production companies are actually using local workers to train their replacements in India, Canada, and China, all in an effort to avoid paying the current going labor rates in the US.

But, while the talent and tools have become decentralized, it is an undeniable fact that there is no place on Earth with a deeper history in visual effects than Hollywood itself. After all, the special visual effects industry, both optical and digital was born and bred in California over the last century.

So it begs the question that even with all of the monetary factors in play, wouldn’t content producers everywhere want a little piece of genuine Hollywood magic in their project if they could afford it?  What if there was a direct conduit into the heart of Hollywood that anyone anywhere could easily access to produce authentic Hollywood VFX work on demand?

Enter QuickFX.

The idea is simple: use the same Internet pipeline that has made it so easy to suck VFX work out of LA, to pull VFX work back into the heart of Hollywood.  How?  By offering the local, national and global production industry a viable low cost alternative to shipping work overseas by utilizing the skilled VFX talent pool of veteran Hollywood professionals.  Why go with a knock-off when you can get the real thing?

QFX represents an honest alternative to anyone needing high quality VFX collaboration for media projects of all types, and it’s so easy to use.  We welcome those in other markets to access and make use of a true Hollywood talent, through the unique and new web production app, QuickFX!

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