Welcome to QuickFX, your personal online Hollywood visual effects studio! Our goal is to provide the fastest professional visual effects service available in the industry at globally competitive prices. QuickFX is the on-line web conduit of Engine Room Hollywood, a premiere visual effects production company in operation since 2001. We have delivered tens of thousands of visual effects shots for hundreds of television shows, movies, commercials and special projects. Our creative team has over a century of combined professional visual effects experience that can now be put to work for you! QuickFX is a powerful collaborative resource that delivers great work and is easy and fun to use.

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The special visual effects category covers a wide variety of different types of post-production work. QuickFX is designed to provide professional digital compositing services. Compositing is by definition the combining and layering of multiple elements into a single image. In the visual effects industry, digital compositing is the step that can bring many different photographic or computer generated elements together and is the key process by which all visual effects shots are completed and delivered. Green or blue screen compositing is one of the cornerstones of the QuickFX offerings, but there are many other kinds of compositing work that we do as well. Replacing TV, smart phone and computer screens, adding light effects or a new sky to a group of shots, or even cleaning up a distracting blemish on an actor, there really is no limit to what we can do through the clever and skillful use of post visual effects. In recent years, most if not all productions have some measure of post VFX manipulation and all of these involve compositing. The majority of these can now be executed through using QuickFX.

We execute all types of digital compositing, including:

  • Green/Blue Screen Compositing
    Combining actors or other element that are photographed in front of a green or blue screen, with any type of new background
  • Light/Fire/Explosion Effects
    Adding or enhancing shots with fire or light effects such as lens flares, lightning, explosions, glows or magic effects
  • Screen Replacements
    Changing the content of smart phone screens, TV’s, computer screens, electronic billboards, movie screens, etc.
  • Signage Replacements
    Replacing or obscuring un-cleared signage
  • Cosmetic Alterations
    Reducing actor blemishes, age lines, blinks, eye color, etc.
  • Crowd Duplications
    Filling stadiums, bleachers and crowd scenes with people
  • Day for Night
    Changing a daytime shot into night
  • Graphics over picture
    Layering custom graphic elements such as text, titles and logos over moving picture back grounds
  • Sky Replacements
    Either for creative or scene continuity reasons
  • Many other moving image manipulation needs